Switch Restaurant and Lounge is the first restaurant in the UAE designed by Karim Rashid. With all his other restaurants filling up the dining scene in places such as Singapore and New York, we thought Dubai deserved Karim too.

With contemporary, futuristic design and an International menu of fusion dishes prepared by one of South Africa’s top chefs, the restaurant is an exciting new addition to the culinary scene in Dubai

Switch’s main objective is to change the dining standards of Dubai. The idea behind it is to create a switch, where dining becomes once again an “experience” not just a necessity.
To titillate distinguished taste buds, a curved Mediterranean Fusion menu was created with a touch of Asian feel. Dishes are taken back to their basic ingredients with no frill or fuss yet maintaining the exciting flavours of new

Service wise, we encourage our staff to maintain their individuality, people with unique personality while providing trained excellent service. We understand PEOPLE make successful business and that includes not just our guest but our staff as well.


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